Reporting needs to be more robust so an administrator can understand how HelloID is being used.
Login Activity by Security Role
Provides a details report of who has logged in by selected security roles
API Activity
Shows a list of actions committed to the API.
Application Usage (Need Improvement)
  • Total Usage
  • Period of Time Usage
  • Filter by Group (w/ Nesting), User, Security Role, Application
  • Timeline showing the usage day, month, week, month, year
  • Client, IP, MFA
  • Total Launches
  • Total Enrollments
Self Service Product Usage
  • Report showing the total number of requests, approvals, denys, etc...
  • Shows current assignments
QR Code Enrollment and Usage
Notifications Report (Improve)
Detailed information about views on notifications to measure effectiveness
License usage report
A historical report of the license usage for the instance
Automation report
General report show the automation task usage
Task Usage report
General report show the tasks used
Audit Log
Direct view into audit logs, making them exportable