• Add logging who approved a threshold block
  • Support input and output context on Powershell v2 Target system (Beta could have breaking changes in future releases only for testing, not production)
  • Conditional notification event (Beta could have breaking changes in future releases only for testing, not production)
  • Can't reset 2fa when email address contains a space
  • Cannot delete agent via HelloID admin
  • Unable to uninstall a agent which is disconnected for a while
  • Unable to scroll in business rule conditions
Service Automation
  • Remove PowerShell support from cloud Agent for "Add-Type" and "New-Object"
  • Open Delegated Form by specific URL
  • Disable form exit when click outside modal
  • Add support for double click in dual list form element
  • Automation system catalog is empty outside of production environments
  • HelloID inbox not refreshed upon approve / deny
  • Double pending approval notification in HelloID notification center
  • Grid export to CSV does not contain all values
  • Editing a global variable to be encrypted doesn't work
  • Removed deprecated link "view requests" from Managed Users > Product details
  • Product return on user disable doesn't happen after disable by AD sync
  • Datetime form element display style incorrect
  • Admin portal "Self Service" menu collapses when opening product overview
February 2023
  • Audit logging on publishing Business Rules
  • More summary details on what changed when publishing a rule
  • Target Powershell system mapping (Beta could have breaking changes in future releases only for testing, not production)
  • HelloID not loading target connectors
  • HelloID Elasticsearch reports not loading when the users email field is empty
  • WS Fed Error when logging in (sometimes)
  • Pending update action which never executes because off a force update
  • Tooltip shows an error when retrieval of entitlements results in an error
Service Automation
  • Show execution state of delegated form
  • Notify requesting user of the approval (or deny) of his request by email
  • Change formatted output of DateTime and Time form element
  • Normalize HelloID incident tags
  • Minor changes to product edit screen based on feedback
  • Product overview routing category filter backwards compatibility issue
  • Prevent Product and Delegated Form category names with commas
  • Prevent changing HelloID native data source configuration
  • Grid export to CSV does not contain all values
  • Product delete confirm modal broken (hotfix)
  • Workflow auto deny does an approve (hotfix)
  • Remember filter on grids
  • Title/department code in condition overview of Business Rules
  • Webhooks could sometimes have an empty body
  • Lifecycle notifications not send when a system was selected in the notification
  • AzureAD exchange could trigger an update notification without changes when proxy addresses were set to update
  • Provisioning elastic data might not be visible for a few days after the release, after the data migration all data will be available again
Service Automation
  • Record approver when a product is approved via Admin portal - Administration
  • Allow filtering on multiple product categories using specific URL
  • Improved Cloud Agent stability
  • Removed possible recursive manager lookup in Elastic messages and add the manager to all elastic user objects
  • Native data source configuration broken (hotfix)
  • Delegated form groups do not show group name in Admin Panel (hotfix)
  • Cleanup UI element for 'AD delegated forms' (hotfix)
December 2022
  • Provisioning requires the newest agent for communication
  • Specify the print format for date fields
  • Different time schedule options for scheduling
  • Improved agent (dis)connection logging details
  • Improved visibility of Exchange Online entitlement logging
  • Enforcement run is never finished
  • Errors retrying grant account on AD when account no longer correlates
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the department and title selectors in the business rule conditions to show no data
  • Fixed an issue in the AzureAD connector that could cause the Exchange Online password to be overwritten by "*******"
  • Fixed an issue that could cause no person lifecycle event mails to be sent
Service Automation
  • Create API end-point for product overview per user
  • Manage dynamic form directly from product edit screen
  • Self Service Administration does not support 'Assign' with products having time limits
  • Return product on user disable is not working when disabling via AD sync
  • Product with max duration time is not returned after duration period
  • Scheduled tasks do not run if scheduled on Sunday
  • Not possible to assign a product via API which has max. duration setting
  • Delegated form opened Elastic message contains no manager data
  • Data source editor is missing the right-click menu paste option
  • Improved stability by Implementing rate limiting on Azure AD -> HelloID sync
November 2022
  • Pre on/off-boarding notifications
  • Notification in account delete event
  • Description of business rules
  • Ability to transfer to a new leading person when approving a suggestion.
  • Ability to manually transfer to a different person within existing aggregation configuration
  • deleteDiacriticalMarks automatically replace the ß with ss
  • Allow Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.WebRequestSession and System.Uri types in PowerShell Cloud
  • Notification email editor improvements
  • Limit target logging:
  • 1. Manual (retry entitlement & preview): 500 per action + all levels
  • 2. Scheduled (enforcement & force update): 100 per action + only error and warning levels
  • Convert to string option was available for non-custom fields which could trigger a person(s) update
  • A creation of a snapshot with zero persons causes the snapshot to never end and prevents the creation of a new snapshot
  • it's possible to start a second enforcement when the first one is still running
  • it's possible to start a second permission update when the first one is still running
  • Action is stuck in evaluating when a grant or update is forced for an entitlement of a deleted person
  • Security improvements
  • MFA (user choice) shows only English text
Service Automation
  • End-of-Life: Built-in Delegated Forms
  • Open new product request by specific URL
  • Visibility disabled users in Managed Users / Products
  • Add "source" property to Product Request API
  • Add support for providing Product action name using API
  • Improved stability of SA Agent connections
  • Delegated Form activity overview does not show user correctly in some cases
  • Sometimes an empty message is sent when using the webhook for incidents
  • Added option to convert custom fields in persons and contracts to string
  • Add support to return the account object as part of the PowerShell after AD action
  • Force update all entitlements for one person
  • Notification TO address not required
  • Improvements to database initialization
  • Fixed idp values not being reported consistently to elastic
  • Fixed tenants not being updated in elastic
  • Fixed updates not being executed in order for dependent systems
Service Automation
  • Enhanced security of cloud environment
  • Removed deprecated provisioning menu items in admin portal
  • Implement new Request History overview
  • Add support for requestedFor user object in PS data sources
  • Add "Align options vertical" option to radio form element
  • Issue with (re)connecting SA Agent (partly work in progress)
  • Admin css not loading when turkish language is set in browser
September 2022
  • Automatic merging of persons
  • Only show manageable groups for AzureAD connector
  • Create resources (combinations)
  • Combination between blocked actions and enforcement could result in evaluating actions that are never executed
  • Error publishing existing Business Rule
Service Automation
  • Support "SetPassword" as an action in the custom Audit messages
  • Add Delegated Form opened event to Elastic reporting
  • Ask for confirmation on a product return
  • All occurrences of "resource manager" are now renamed to "resource owner"
  • Added a new native data source "HelloID Users"
  • Some privileges in Service Automation are cached and are not reset on logoff -> logon
  • Task variable types in delegated form show as [Object object]
  • Exception is not shown when creating an audit log record in which the field type is not a string
  • Delegated Forms: Task reports Pending although no task is configured
  • Forms with an email field cannot be submitted
  • Emails sent with send-email task have a broken company logo
  • If the requester is one of the resource owners that should approve the request other resource owners receive a mail notification for approval
  • Multistep form validation is blocking form navigation
  • Value of conditionally visible grid not shown in form data in the activity overview
  • Approve / deny comments not working when request comment is hidden
Access Management
  • Added extra logging when processing webhooks
  • Sync EmployeeID and Manager attributes in AzureAD-> HelloID (Pending approval from Microsoft we still have to make manuals adjustments to the Azure AD app)
  • Deprecate: Iframe integration
  • Login to the report engine now shows an option to logoff when we detect you're logged in as another user
August 2022
  • Unmerge by approval when a leading person is removed from the source
  • Ability to use all contract fields to determine primary contract
  • A message is shown when another user has changed the business rules before publishing
  • When days before/after are configured before switching they will be applied to the inactive filter
  • Intellisense in source mapping
  • No audit log records in reports in trainingscluster
  • Returning an audit log record from PowerShell target system without a message would result in an error processing the result of the action
  • Prevent publishing of a rule if the UI is displaying older configuration
  • Manager isn't set on a merged person
Service Automation
  • Enhanced security Service Automation cloud infrastructure
  • Added option to remove chosen item from dropdown list
  • Make 'Show summary' an optional condition in Delegated Forms
  • Sending email with local agent not working on HelloID Training cluster
  • Issue with PowerShell data source resolving tenant information details
  • Authorization issue for uploading an icon for self service products
  • DateTime form element not displayed correctly for none English languages
  • Broken company logo in approval emails
  • Conditional visibility not saved correctly for checkboxes
  • Email input form element does not allow capitals
Access Management
  • Support for content security policies in the header
  • Support IP6
  • Support DNS Sec
  • Add audit logging to WS-Fed and WS-Trust login attempts
  • Allow manage reports users to create saved searches
  • Added navigation links on the reports page
  • Only show open incidents on the dashboard
  • Added a new general section for reports
  • Reports are now available via 443 port
  • The agent installer update will keep current settings on services
  • Custom domains & certificates will be automatically updated on next Monday outside working hours
  • Get user API call returns deleted or disabled users instead of the active user
  • Get user enrollment will not always return all the linked applications because of caching
  • Issues with Azure Ad Scim sync
  • Support up to 30.000 persons in the vault (See documentation after release for other limits)
  • Support up to 200.000 accounts in correlation report
  • To manage provisioning you need to enable the provisioning rights in a role
  • Added import and snapshot audit reports to elastic
  • Added canceled state for imports
  • Added source import logging limit
  1. Scheduled: 100 logs max, warning + error only
  2. Manual: 100.000 logs max, all levels
  • Display name not shown on blocked persons
  • Contract Priority Logic not working correctly when using 0 in sequence value and the FTE, Hours per week, Percentage has value 0
  • Contracts overview in Person details view does have an issue with height when having multiple contracts
Service Automation
  • Reduced load on HelloID infrastructure by reducing polling calls from Directory Agent for Automation Tasks
  • Add configurable options to the "comment" field in product summary
  • Add product request, approval and deny comments in Elastic reports
  • Add support for email notifications using SA (cloud) agent
  • Automatically Delegated Form task retry when local SA agent is back online
  • Add form data to elastic reports for Self Service Products
  • Delegated form tasks can now be retried when previously succeeded
  • Pending delegated form tasks can now be cancelled
  • Form names in Delegated Form activity overview are not always displayed
  • Email approval buttons are visible in some cases when they shouldn't
  • Elastic custom audit message from Delegated Form task is missing "isError" and "activityId" properties
  • PowerShell data source execution in editor did not worked anymore for cloud agent
  • Fixed an issue where intellisense mapping did not work anymore in a very specific situation
  • Approval Workflow configuration screen did not load anymore
  • HelloID incident not closed after successful task execution
  • Write-Information; Write-Error; Write-Warning and Write-Verbose now support complex objects in their responses (shown in the logs as json-strings)
Access Management
  • A incident is only shown when a general HelloID issue takes place in the same region as the portal exists in
  • All mails send or attempts from all modules are stored in our report engine and visible as report under the Access Management section
  • Support sending admin notifications to all tenants in a particular tenant region
  • We changed the time and date selection in our report engine (using the default of Elastic)
  • The ability to search data in a report with a new search bar
  • Add support for domain hint in Azure OIDC IDP
  • We prevent the creation of new tenants when we are releasing a new version of the management portal
  • We prevent the selection of already assigned subscriptions to other tenants in the management portal
  • Tenant name is added to the subscription of a PAYG invoice (makes it easier to see for which tenant the invoice is)
  • A notification is sent to cleanup HelloID tenants when tenant is more than 3 months expired
  • Updated the default post PowerShell scripts to include entitlementContext variable
  • Updated the default Powershell permission script so that the reference in case of sub permissions are working the same for all scripts.
  • Improved auto-save functionality
  • Support for null values (Seen as furthest in the future) on an end date when calculating the primary contract
  • Option to disable a Target system so no new actions will be executed but the entitlement state will be preserved.
  • Improvement performance of the snapshot overview and various other screens
  • For improved performance and user convenience, the contract mapping preview now displays a single selectable contract instead of the whole person model including all contracts
  • Improved customer logging for snapshots
  • Identification of a person (external id) was stored for a maximum of five releases now it's stored for a period of three months. So if a person returns within three months it's seen as the same person as before and the logging is still visible.
  • Warning not shown when getting groups in the AD target connector has too many results without searching
  • Evaluation report link from the email does not load
  • Notification center for schedules did not always display schedule started messages
  • Reopening an email template after saving with a reference to a system shows an id instead of the name of the system
  • Autocomplete isn't fully working when mapping the source
  • Extra component: Agent Tag to HelloID incident when Agent is offline
  • Removed detailed agent logging (script & parameters) when any Powershell script fails
Service Automation
  • Changed mechanism for internal authentication between SA services. This was the main cause for the recent HelloID SA instability.
  • Enhanced API support for product assignment and product task running
  • Removed "Configurable in form" option for PowerShell data source inputs
  • Create HelloID incident on Delegated Form task failure using new SA agent
  • Add link from HelloID incident (on Delegated Form task error) to corresponding Delegated Form activity
  • Send message to Elastic when a product is returned
  • Remove "Directory Configuration" option from Delegated Form
  • Add warning in product edit screen if resource owner group is empty
  • Enhanced reliability for storing SA-Audit messages to Elastic reporting
  • Product time limit interferes with hide approval buttons in approval email
  • Security enhancement retrieving data source information in front-end client
  • Added validation for invalid duallist data source configuration using API end-point and form editor
  • DateTime element not displayed in correct language
  • Default Product action send email no longer supports multiple to-addresses (hot fixed)
  • Add extra Tag to HelloID incident when Agent is offline
  • Removed unsupported image icon for Markdown form element
  • Dutch translation for managed users page
  • Missing request history timeline card for returned state using DeleteProductOwnership API
  • Product assign fails (Admin portal) when the product has an action configured in the requested state
  • Conditional visibility between 2 grids is not saved correctly on first time
  • Readonly textinput field shows "no value" in form when summary setting is "Hide value"
  • Checkbox FormControl is editable on read-only display
Access Management
  • Validate headers when importing CSV with tokens
  • License usages are now of a type integer in the audit logging. With this, we're able to use them in reports
  • Support accounts are now automatically revoked after 24 hours for security reasons.
  • Tenant domain is added to the subject of an email that is sent when an incident occurs
  • Removed request secure access button when configuring an application (requesting proxy at support)
  • License usages are missing from audit logging
  • Azure AD SCIM Directory Synchronization failed for some tenants
  • Extra component: Agent Tag to HelloID incident when Agent is offline
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