February 2023
  • Audit logging on publishing Business Rules
  • More summary details on what changed when publishing a rule
  • Target Powershell system mapping (Beta could have breaking changes in future releases only for testing, not production)
  • HelloID not loading target connectors
  • HelloID Elasticsearch reports not loading when the users email field is empty
  • WS Fed Error when logging in (sometimes)
  • Pending update action which never executes because off a force update
  • Tooltip shows an error when retrieval of entitlements results in an error
Service Automation
  • Show execution state of delegated form
  • Notify requesting user of the approval (or deny) of his request by email
  • Change formatted output of DateTime and Time form element
  • Normalize HelloID incident tags
  • Minor changes to product edit screen based on feedback
  • Product overview routing category filter backwards compatibility issue
  • Prevent Product and Delegated Form category names with commas
  • Prevent changing HelloID native data source configuration
  • Grid export to CSV does not contain all values
  • Product delete confirm modal broken (hotfix)
  • Workflow auto deny does an approve (hotfix)